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Sometimes things just happen… in the morning hours of the first day in 2024 I looked out of the window into a foggy morning… the world never is as quiet as on the morning of a new year…
some kind of peace and happiness came over me and I felt so thankful for my life, the people around me, my music, all the good things that happened… so this composition fell off of my heart and soul directly into my hands…
I just want to share this with you, my friends here, wherever you are.
Happy New Year🍀…first of all !!

What is the moment of inspiration exactly ? Why don´t you feel it coming…?
In it´s nature inspiration is like a ghost, like the wind in the trees, like water…you do not know where it comes from, especially WHEN it comes. It has something divine in it´s nature of course, but there is also more to it. Sometimes it seems that you are able to prepare for it. Whenever Inspiration is overwhelming me, the days before I lived my life in a certain way. Maybe I found a lot more quiet moments than before. Or I gave love or received love and care in some special form. Or something spiritual happened…so there is a reason to it.


Hello to all of you my friends and followers of the Guitar Garden…

Here you find free sheet music of the solo guitar piece CHORAL FOR A GROWING FLOWER. There are three PDF versions of the score for FREE download.

PDF 1 : Choral Digital Score
This is an engraving of the score which was done with a common notation software.

PDF 2 : Choral Handwritten
This is a scan of a raw sketch from my handwritten paper work. So maybe this is interesting for some of you, maybe it’s rather hard to read from this one, it is more the insight from the process you get here.

PDF 3 : Choral Personal Thoughts
This is a guide through the composition, where I explain things in more detail, for those of you who are interested in some kind of personal analysis and insight.

If you enjoy my work send me a message here in the blog or subscribe to my YouTube channel.
If you are interested to perform the piece, on social media or in public…feel free to do it. I would love to see or hear it.

Best wishes to all of you, see you soon at the Guitar Garden…


Welcome to the Guitar Garden…!

Hello to all of you and welcome to the Guitar Garden.

This first entry is all about the start of this website and what it’s all about. The main focus of this site is on my compositions for the acoustic guitar, in my case a nylonstring classical guitar. I’m a guitar teacher and live musician and play in a wide range of styles…

I started out with electric guitar when I was in my teens, played in fusion-rock bands, until my interest went more and more into the classical guitar, wich I studied at conservatory in the 90’s of the last century. A great interest in fingerstyle guitar during that time also ended up in my first compositions.

After finishing my studies and receiving my diploma, I stepped into the world of Early Music, partly by accident, but soon I was fascinated and began to study baroque guitar, colascione (a form of 17th century basslute), early renaissance lute and so on.

I made a step into the world of Early Music in Austria, wich gave opportunity to concerts, CD Recordings, contact with Festivals, instrument builders and a lot of great musicians…

There was also a quartet formation during that time, wich played great crossover music between early music and jazz, so I ended up amplifying a little medieval lute for this. I also had a huge interest in Jazz and improvised music, although I never really was a jazz guitarist, I love and play until today early swing in different settings, like in a duo with piano, voice, saxofon, violin, or occasionally in some trio and quartett settings.

I even had a short time in my musical life where I did first performances of contemporary music of Austrian composers, for concerts and radio broadcast, interestingly again also for electric guitar…I even improvised music for a silent movie with electric guitar and a medieval organ in an old church in Spain… So a never ending journey, a lot of opportunities, but there was one thing that stayed the same all the time: I always composed my own music for guitar. My compositions. My repertoire. My cosmos. Call it whatever.

And all the influences of the many years, all the different playing situations, genres, happy moments in life, crisis…they are all written down in my music, like a daybook. I never really specialized, or was able to specialize…I once read an interview with Dominic Miller, where he said: „I know a little bit of a lot.“ I like that statement and it really hits the point. My compositions reflect my musical influences and the wide field of impressions that are collected in my „musical brain“.
So here and now is the right time and the right place to bring all that creative output in front of a little growing audience. The Guitar Garden is alive. I will not only represent my compositions here, I would like to stay in touch with a community of
people who are interested in the same fields or want to get in contact with this blog to present their own ideas about life and art, maybe also not only guitar related…
So I hope you enjoyed this first entry. After all these general infos abut myself and the Guitar Garden there will be blog articles in the near future about specific guitar related topics.
See you and best wishes…